About Us

An Australian-owned small business, Divine Creatures Jewellery is inspired by the seaside and our family-owned studios are located in two of Australia's most beautiful environmental areas: Far North Queensland and Southern Tasmania

Divine Creatures Jewellery began in 2009 as a weekly market stall at Surfer's Paradise Beachside Night Markets. At 22 years old, founder Kathryn Brighta Andrews dedicated her weekends and weeknights to the stall, creating and sharing Divine Creatures unique lifestyle brand of jewellery. 

Always striving to meet customer's expectations of quality and style, it wasn't long before Kathryn's mother and sister were working with the business to create Divine Creatures Jewellery signature mother of pearl pendants as well as behind-the-scenes packing and posting orders for an ever-increasing online customer base.

A chic fusion of vintage, natural and new materials, we believe we have created a jewellery line where you feel like you're bringing home those beachside memories and keeping them close to you and your loved ones. 

Years of first-hand experience with customers at the markets, sharing tales of love, loss and heartfelt memories, we know that the most important part of each product is what it means to you.